What Clients are Saying

I really appreciated Lacee's support and efforts. There were times when we were in a battle, pure and simple.  And knowing that we had great people like Lacee who had our backs when a lot of our key team wasn’t there or immediately present was very comforting to me.  (One less thing to stare at the ceiling fan and worry about). 

Her knowledge of the key players, where to focus our time, and her professionalism were all very impressive …her help meant a lot to me/CGB.

-Eric Slater, President and CEO CGB Enterprises, Inc.

Lacee is one of the hardest working lobbyists in North Dakota. She is able to succinctly articulate complex issues with foresight into opposing arguments, ultimately leading to desired outcomes for her clients. She is well regarded by legislators across the political spectrum as well as department and administrative positions. Lacee is passionate about her work and has been an incredible asset for our association.   

-Leah Lindahl, Senior Director, State Government Affairs, Western Region for Healthcare Distribution Alliance

When needing to engage in the toughest fight and take on "big tech" in North Dakota I turned to Lacee to help us address the issues that were preventing a level playing field, and with her help we made a considerable impact that was noticed around the world.    

-Mark Buse, SVP, Head of Global Government Relations and Policy for Match Group